50+ Ways to Bring a Touch of Cozy “Hygge” to Your Massage Clients this Winter

This 13 page (approximately 4,000 word) PDF offers up over fifty immediately actionable ways to incorporate the Danish concept of "hygge" into one's massage practice, ensuring that clients feel cozy, welcome, and completely contented.

Cupping for the Face & Neck Instructional (DVD)
"The Cosmopolitan: Cupping Therapy for the face and neck" is a gentle cupping massage technique, used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine and renowned for eliminating the buildup of wastes and fluids in the face and neck; stimulating circulation; assisting in lymphatic drainage; imparting a more youthful and "lifted" appearance; and relieving the pain associated with sinus congestion and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. Also refered to as "Chinese Negative Pressure Facial Cupping” will prepare you to: •Explain to your clients the conditions that are indicated for Chinese Negative Pressure Facial Cupping including how this modality can be advantageous to Mesotherapy patients; •Describe to your clients the mechanism by which this modality works (in other words, how & why it works); •Identify situations in which Chinese Negative Pressure Facial Cupping would be contraindicated (in other words, situations in which this service may be harmful); •Perform this service safely and effectively; •Make an informed decision regarding equipment by choosing from the variety of cupping equipment on the market; •Explain to your clients how this service affects the body’s systems, and how affecting these systems can benefit them; •Develop a strategy for pricing and marketing this service; •Protect your own professional interests and limit your professional liability by employing appropriate documentation and obtaining appropriate insurance coverage. •Incorporate this service into your existing practice and service menu and combine it with other modalities that you may offer. Chinese Negative Pressure Facial Cupping offers a host of advantages for the practitioner offering it: •This modality offers an extremely high R.O.I. (Return on Investment). •Although there are many holistic health advantages to this service, it can also be offered as an aesthetic service. “Cupping Therapy for the Face & Neck” viewers will be fully prepared to immediately start offering this fantastic service to their clientele by the end of this video.
Designing The Perfect Massage Space (eBook)
This e-book is part of Tiger Lily Studios’ “Your M.B.A. (Massage Business Advocates)” Series and will enable you to harness the power of harmonious interior design to bolster your practice and increase your income. Creating the perfect massage space is not just about decorating your massage room so that it looks esthetically pleasing. Truly designing the perfect massage space means crafting an environment that is beautiful, welcoming, and exceptionally functional. An optimally designed space will allow you to do your very best work, in turn bolstering your practice and increasing your income. In this e-book, Susan Epperly, BA, LMT, LMTI explains the basic concepts, principles, and theories of design, and shares her many years of experience with designing functional massage environments. Her thriving private massage practice is a testament to how designing the perfect massage space can facilitate the cultivation of a strong brand identity and a successful wellness practice. OVER 443 pages, 105,000 words, and 260 full color photos take you through the secrets of infusing your space with beauty, hospitality & functionality.
Massage Marketing Parting Gift (eBook)
Looking for affordable and effective ways to connect with existing clients and attract new clients? “Parting Gifts” offers hundreds of “test driven” creative promotional gift ideas to grow your Massage (or other Health & Wellness) practice. Follow these detailed “blue prints” to build stronger bonds with valued clients and forge connections with prospective clients through creative & clever “take aways!”
Social Buying Site MP3 Preview
Using Online Social Buying Platforms To Promote Your Business
Have you considered using one of the many “Daily Deal” sites to market your business? Are you confused as to how these sites work, what you stand to gain from becoming involved with them, and whether they present a viable marketing opportunity for your practice? Are you tired of all the hearsay, assumptions, generalizations, and unfounded rumors that are being circulated by business owners who have never used these marketing techniques? Have you been scared by “horror stories” from business owners who have used these marketing platforms unsuccessfully? If so, then this audio book is for you. This book will help you optimize your experience; maximize the positive impact that these marketing techniques can have on your business; and avoid the potential pitfalls that these platforms can present. This Audio Book Addresses a Host of Key Concerns, Including: · The Nuts & Bolt of How these Types of Market Platforms Work · How to Choose the Social Buying Site that will Best Suit Your Needs · How to Approach these Sites and Initiate a Partnership with them · How to Determine the Number of Vouchers You Should Offer · What Percentage of the Voucher Sales Revenue the Site is Likely to Expect · How to Structure a Deal that will Provide the Maximum Benefit for Your Business · How to Prepare for the Onslaught of Clients that You’re Likely to See · How to Use this Opportunity to Grow Your Business, Not Just Your Bank Account · The Right and Wrong Reasons to Partner with a Social Buying Site · How to Turn The People who Buy Your Discounted Vouchers into Loyal, Long-Term Clients · How and Why This Type of Performance Marketing Differs from Traditional Marketing · How to Avoid the Potential Pitfalls Associated with Using Such Sites · How to Implement this Type of Marketing Method WITHOUT Having to Share the Proceeds with a Social Buying Site · How to Avoid Creating a “Coupon Culture” by Abusing the Use of Social Buying Sites · Testimonials and Contributions from Other Massage Therapists who Have Successfully Used Such Marketing Platforms. Written & Read By Author Susan Epperly, B.A., L.M.T.I., C.M.T.